Further to my last post on the switch to zazzle over cafepress, I am finding it easier to work with the free store that is included with zazzle over having to pay for the same thing in cafepress.

Best part is, you can now build category folder images to brand your store even further.

I may not have mentioned in my previoous post about the interface for building designs on zazzle, as most of them allow you to upload the final design to the site, zazzle has a little interface which allows to tweak the image locations, add text in a variety of fonts, and best of all, it tells you if your image is not high enough resolution for the size you scale it to. Why is this so good? It means I can add some text to a tshirt when I think of it, rather than have to wait to get to my computer, put it in photoshop, and then upload the image of the text. Plus, you can add text to existing designs on the site, to personalize them for yourself. Which is something I have done on more than one occasion!

Next step is to look at using the coding to make the store from zazzle sit on my website without ever having to leave it for impulse purchases!

Check out some of the products below.