Bitten By Design is a thriving freelance graphic design and web design studio nestled on the scenic New South Wales Central Coast, just a short distance north of Sydney, Australia. Since its inception in late 2001, our studio has been dedicated to meeting the growing demands of our esteemed clientele by delivering top-notch digital solutions globally.

Our diverse portfolio includes serving a wide array of clients, ranging from large corporations to small businesses and individuals. While our physical location may be near Sydney, advancements in telecommuting have effectively erased geographical barriers, making distance irrelevant and communication seamless.

At Bitten By Design, we prioritise meeting our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently. Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, from Point Of Sale materials and packaging designs, to software icons, flyers, corporate identities, comprehensive website designs, ongoing website administration and updates, HTML emails, and social media advertising and branding, among others.

With over 15 years of industry experience, including a specialised focus on typography, our compact yet dynamic studio consistently delivers results comparable to those of larger agencies, all while providing exceptional customer service.

Connect with us on LinkedIn for regular updates and insights, and don’t forget to check out our presence on various social media platforms listed on our contact page. We welcome you to join our online community and stay updated on our latest endeavours.


Specialising in creating experiences and building business brands

Meet Nicholas Turner

Experienced Art Director proficient in Graphic Design and Web Design, boasting over a decade of dedicated industry experience. With a versatile background encompassing roles such as in-house designer, web designer, and educator in web design, I’ve also served as a counselor for AGDA in the ACT region. Currently, I’m working on a series of YouTube videos, showcasing my expertise in the field. Additionally, I am recognised for my eccentric yet captivating comic book creations.