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New year, new SEO plan.

A new year is upon us and now is the best time to review my current SEO (search engine optimisation) plan. Checking over my best traffic sources and the keywords that have pushed the most traffic to my site shows me the places to focus on in the coming year. Just checking my google analytic […]

The pending Bitten By Design redesign launch!

After reviewing several client websites, I have had a chance to review my own as part of a ‘spring clean’ and now the preliminary layout for the brand new site design is almost ready to go into coding. It has been a long procedure reviewing the site statistics and traffic flow, but the new design […]

A new classic?

I have always felt you can have something advertised as ‘new’ or ‘classic’ but not both, by definition a classic is something has been around forever unchanged, whereas something new is fresh and different. Makes me a little confused when you see both on a milk flavour carton…

New business plan for the future

After several years doing part-time freelancing the time has come to rewrite my business plan as it is coming to the end of its projections. Now a lot of the milestones in the initial business plan have been achieved, but not all. Some of them were so out of range that it felt almost silly […]