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Free versus paid content

Recently I have been discussing the different values between free and paid content. Free brings traffic, more traffic means more for advertising on your site/conversions versus less traffic and a harder time to convert sales (more work). Less work (giving away free content) is better as you can focus on making better free content. Long term […]

Client thankyou gifts.

A month ago I received a thankyou gift from a client for the completion of a large project. This gave me the idea that I should write a post covering it. This is something that people forget, that whether giving or receiving a thankyou gift, it helps reinforce the client/supplier relationship. As an added bonus […]

Print and Web Design

Most Web Designers are lackadasical when it comes to proofing and checking their work as it can be easily fixed at any point in the process, for no real cost. Print on the other hand, once a job has gone to the proof stage, fixing a simple spelling mistake on a proof can mean getting […]



Inspiration comes from many sources. We aren’t talking copying someone else’s work, but being inspired by them to try something new, to do better, or to even find a layout style from something. In some cases it may just be the font you were looking for to complement the design you have done. Look at […]