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Thinking about left handedness

After completing a major review on a clients website for disabled browser compatibility I was talking to a friend about it, and he was bemoaning that his new drawing tablet had a shaped pen with buttons setup for right handed users. As a left handed graphic and web designer I have spent years working with […]

Moonlighting and Daylighting

Over the years I have moonlighted as a freelance designer in addition to working fulltime or studying fulltime, more recently I have seen a few designers I have worked alongside engaging in daylighting practices. For those of you who are scratching your heads about that term, it is the practice of doing paid work for […]

Recent scanning of old work.

After a disaster occured with my old hard drive completely packing it in, I have been searching through all my old illustrations to recreate a lot of my missing files. I have found a huge amount of old illustration work to scan in, and a sample of my illustration work is included below. I hope […]