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Cafepress versus zazzle

Just started switching over to zazzle from cafepress. After some decent results with cafepress, I have found that zazzle offers payments via paypal to its sellers rather than only by cheque like cafepress and that decided it for me. I don’t want to have to wait an extra month for commission payments anymore. So, I […]

Positive Feedback for T-shirts

Recently I added a little desciption on all my cafepress storefronts mentioning if anyone had any requests for t-shirt designs to send me an email. Quite a few emails have come in with positive comments about the tshirt designs. If anyone has one (or more) of the designs I have available, I would love to […]

The new black summer range

The first of the new Black Summer clothing range is available! Come see the first shirt available on CafePress! Purchase one and share the sentiment!

The new summer clothing range

Currently work is in progress for the new summer clothing range. And the colour for designer’s for this season? Why, it is BLACK of course! A full range of products will be put up for sale, but rest assured, there will be colour options to the main black colour runs. Check back for the launch of […]

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