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Business motto in Latin.

What better motto than ‘when pigs fly’ so you are always aiming for the impossible!

As Seen In Desktop Magazine

The perfect mug for Studio Managers

I think I need one of these mugs for my desk to remind people to do their timesheets!

Rohypnol Water – iPhone wallpaper and downloadable PDF design

Rohypnol water. For those times you just want to forget… Okay, the first question is always going to be why did I do this? Well, to give you some background, during my design course we used to create inappropriate dust jackets for books in our spare time and secretly add them over books at friends […]

Crazy Fortune Cookie iPhone wallpaper 1.

A few years back a few friends and myself were running a couple of different challenges, one of them was editing images to put inappropriate wording on signs or placard images. It took the images in different directions to the original. The fortune cookies with crazy fortunes was one of these challenges, and over the […]