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No more IE6

The time has come to officially announce that I will not be adding stylesheet support for IE6 into the websites I am designing. Basically it comes down to offering the best user experience for the visitors to a site whilst working within the project budget limitations. I would much rather spend the difference on additional […]

What is the future of design?

In my opinion the only direction is to an all pervasive digital environment. We won’t print posters we will have poster screens where the file is sent to for display. Each billboard can be remotely changed and have exact appearance timing controlled via a database. You obviously are thinking what a waste of power, it […]

My new addiction to Photoshop Disasters.

After discovering photoshopdisasters I am addicted! It is truly scary how some things get past their production check.   Check it out and see what happens when photoshop is used and abused.

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