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Rohypnol Water – iPhone wallpaper and downloadable PDF design

Rohypnol water. For those times you just want to forget… Okay, the first question is always going to be why did I do this? Well, to give you some background, during my design course we used to create inappropriate dust jackets for books in our spare time and secretly add them over books at friends […]

Free versus paid content

Recently I have been discussing the different values between free and paid content. Free brings traffic, more traffic means more for advertising on your site/conversions versus less traffic and a harder time to convert sales (more work). Less work (giving away free content) is better as you can focus on making better free content. Long term […]

Client thankyou gifts.

A month ago I received a thankyou gift from a client for the completion of a large project. This gave me the idea that I should write a post covering it. This is something that people forget, that whether giving or receiving a thankyou gift, it helps reinforce the client/supplier relationship. As an added bonus […]

BittenByDesign.com is getting some positive feedback.

I recently discovered the command shift three website for rating websites. After adding the bittenbydesign.com website to the list, I have seen a serious positive response to the website and its style. Check out the page on command shift three at http://commandshift3.com/site/bittenbydesign.com  As of writing the website has won 63% of its battles on the […]