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No Free Desktop Wallpaper today – The dog ate it!

I had planned on putting up a nice wallpaper design for everyone, but the damn dog ate it before I was able to…

BittenByDesign is listed in the Create09 directory!

Yes, you can find us appearing in the Create09 directory released by Gekko Images. It was nice to see the details listed alongside other designers and photographers. Pity there wasn’t a bigger push to get the directory out into the design community. I always like seeing the business name in print, but these days not […]

Rohypnol Water – iPhone wallpaper and downloadable PDF design

Rohypnol water. For those times you just want to forget… Okay, the first question is always going to be why did I do this? Well, to give you some background, during my design course we used to create inappropriate dust jackets for books in our spare time and secretly add them over books at friends […]

Its not necrophilia if you do it with a zombie – iPhone wallpaper

Not only do you have this iPhone wallpaper to decorate your phone, but you can also pickup the tshirt with the same design from zazzle via the bittenbydesign store! Okay, after watching lots of zombie movies, and seeing the crazy b-grade zombie flicks out there, I thought this would be popular with my friends who […]