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iPhone wallpaper – Unhappy Post It

This has been on my desk for ages, and only recently did I think to take a picture of it to use as my wallpaper. It is a green sticky note pad, with a face drawn in whiteout tape and some features highlighted using a pen. I end up with all sorts of hand generated […]

The design process evolving due to Print On Demand products.

Sometimes the simplest thing can change your entire thinking and design process. A while back I started building designs for cafepress and after discovering their payments to people external to the US leaves a lot to be desired I switched over to zazzle who at least makes payments via paypal (amongst a long list of […]

Since the success of some of the Black Summer range of t-shirts, I am now offering to do designs on commission!

Ever since the great positive feedback from the t-shirt range, I have decided to offer to do designs on commission! Simply drop me an email with the sort of design you want, and I can create one for you, and have it up in a private shop on cafepress just for you! Want something truly […]

Recent scanning of old work.

After a disaster occured with my old hard drive completely packing it in, I have been searching through all my old illustrations to recreate a lot of my missing files. I have found a huge amount of old illustration work to scan in, and a sample of my illustration work is included below. I hope […]

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