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Types of tan.

Just in time for the wrap up of the summer holiday season, we have the common names for the types of tan and skin conditions we see. Oompa loompa: bright orange skin from a bad spray tan. Totally unnatural in colour. Tequila sunrise: oompa loompa with a sunburn Jar jar binks: sunburn on your back […]

Design Police – Bring bad design to justice.

  For a while I have been telling my fellow designers about this site, and I thought I had better share it with everyone. Design Police Great for a bit of a laugh, and quite practical too. I can just see how many times I would be using the ‘comic sans is illegal’ sticker…  

Klingon “Hamlet” (Star Trek): The Klingon Language Institute

For trekkies who have everything, or think they have everything. Yes, Hamlet in the original kilngon! This must make me a very geeky trekkie to even know that this exists… But if someone wants to buy it for me for christmas… Hint Hint! (via