is getting some positive feedback.

I recently discovered the command shift three website for rating websites. After adding the website to the list, I have seen a serious positive response to the website and its style. Check out the page on command shift three at  As of writing the website has won 63% of its battles on the […]

Current project:

Currently under development is a basic preliminary screen is attached below. Will write an update when the site goes live.      

Social Bookmarking Links

An additional level of interaction to the site has been added by the inclusion of the social networking links to the bottom of postings on the website.

Recent scanning of old work.

After a disaster occured with my old hard drive completely packing it in, I have been searching through all my old illustrations to recreate a lot of my missing files. I have found a huge amount of old illustration work to scan in, and a sample of my illustration work is included below. I hope […]