Look at this! Semipermanent has rolled around again for Sydney in 2012. You better be quick to pick up your tickets, don’t forget that AGDA members get treated to a discount, meaning you really have no excuse to attend.

Today saw the arrival of my tickets and my pack card. Unlike last years and the other times I have attended I have gone for the VIP ticket option (justifying to myself that with early bird and AGDA discount it is roughly the same price as a general entry ticket after the early bird pricing ends) so you can expect to see a write up of the extra stuff you get once I have my hands on it at the conference.

Hope to see you all there, as it really is one of the best* design conferences to go to. This year is sizing up to be just as good as any with a few speakers I am really looking forward to seeing.

Tickets can be purchased through the Semipermanent website.

* my opinion may not reflect that of Semi-Permanent, AGDA, graphic designers in general or the cool kids that sit up the back of the bus.

Semi Permanent VIP Ticket Pack